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"Scenes From Our Lives"
"Claire's Broom Detective Agency"
"The Musictime Cafe"
"The Class That Rocks and Rolls"

Scenes From Our Lives

Written by the founding members of the company with Jerry McGill and Louise Tiranoff, this series of 5 one act plays tells stories about being a young person in a wheelchair in a mainstream school. One act plays include:

  • The I'll Think About It Sweats
  • Dueling Sisters
  • Cheerleader Blues (Watch video)
  • May I Help You NOT
  • Don't Ignore, It's A Bore
  • No Singing Allowed

"I feel that through this program, kids with disabilities have had a venue to communicate with the rest of us -- helping us to see them as the wonderful, funny, complex, interesting people they really are -- not just a group of kids in wheelchairs.

"The students in the audience who saw the shows really became involved and asked questions and, I believe, began to see the players as people they could identify with, often because the problems kids with disabilities have, are a lot like problems all kids have."
- Dr. LaVerne Flowers, Principal, The Louis Armstrong School

Claire's Broom Detective Agency

The spirit of the Fearless Theater Company grew out of a show  “Claire’s Broom Detective Agency,” written and directed by the company’s founder Louise Tiranoff, and starring Itzhak Perlman who plays a famous violinist who has lost his Stradivarius.

Presented by The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in 1993,“ Claire’s Broom Detective Agency” featured the Juilliard pre-college chamber orchestra, “No Small Feet” tap dance company, jazz musicians, vaudevillians, singers and actors, songs by David Friedman, music by Benny Golson and most importantly, a talented 12-year-old actress in a wheelchair, as the brilliant detective, “Claire.”

"A 12 year-old Long Island City girl with cerebral palsy proved that it'll take more than a wheelchair to keep her down ... Audiences were held spellbound by Alejandra's flawless performance."
- Liz Rhoades, Queens Chronicle 6/17/93

"This show (Claire's Broom) has everything."
- Susan Elliot, New York Post 6/12/93

"...This latest production ("Claire's Broom") took giant steps in helping define a new, uniquely Lincoln Center art form for children, which combines the wide spectrum of the performing arts at Lincoln Center with original issue-related dramas for children."
- Nathan Leventhal, President, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts 6/22/93

"I am writing in support of the continuing development of ("Claire's Broom Detective Agency") as it provides a wonderful opportunity for young people to become involved with music, dance and drama."
- Itzhak Perlman

The Musictime Café

This theatrical performance explored the amazing and diverse world of music and dance. The Company's regulars, with and without disabilities, young dancers and singers, special guests: tap dancer/choreographer Marion Coles and composer/saxophonist Benny Golson, and the puppets of "Sesame Street's" Eric Jacobson (Jake Pianofingers) and Steve Widerman (Legato, the Cat). June 5th & 6th, 1998, at the Tisch School of the Arts (press release enclosed).

The Class that Rocks and Rolls

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A performance of improvs and dramatic scenes by special education students from the Hungerford school, Staten Island with FTC members before the entire school on June 1st, 1999. The rehearsal and performance were taped and is now a documentary (press release enclosed).